Frisco Neighborhood Watch


Frisco Neighborhood Watch (FNW) is a 501c.3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Frisco by promoting crime awareness & prevention through educational programs and community activities.

Frisco Neighborhood Watch is a citywide, non-confrontational crime prevention initiative that educates citizens in ways of reducing their risk of being a victim of crime - both at home and in public.
Citizens are trained to recognize/report suspicious activities, how to make their homes more secure and to pass on information to the other members of their community.
Neighborhood Watch participants are not vigilantes and DO NOT directly contact suspicious persons, enforce laws or place themselves in situations that may compromise their safety or the safety of others.
Frisco Neighborhood Watch is based on the premise of neighbors getting to know each other as well as passing on crime related and crime prevention information. Frisco Neighborhood Watch members receive valuable information concerning local crime-related incidents, crime trends and local events via the FNW website and FNW e-mail network.
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